Auto Service

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Auto Service - Best In The Business

Auto Service | Coliseum Auto Sales and Service - Charlotte, NC

Everyone wants to be the best, and so they all say they’re the best. But not everyone can back up that claim. At Coliseum Auto Sales and Service, we’ll wager that we have a team that is more experienced than any you’ll find in Charlotte, or in the whole state of North Carolina. We have testimonials from satisfied customers, and our staff is friendly and professional. We promise to deliver the best service in town.

Major And Minor Vehicle Repairs

Our auto service team provides both minor and major repairs on vehicles. We have the connections to order any part you may need, no matter the year of your car. All of our foreign and domestic cars go through the same, top-rate inspection before we release them to the public’s eye. You can be sure that when you bring your car in for repairs, we’ll treat it with the same care that we treat all of the automobiles that we own.

Friendly, Honest Service

Coliseum’s auto service is cheaper than our competitors, but that isn’t because of the quality of our work. We believe in treating our customers as best as possible! A happy customer is one that is more likely to come back, and a majority of our auto service business is from repeat customers.

We deal with any problem your car might have, whether it’s minor or major. Whether you simply need an oil change, or if you need more complicated work done like repairing your head gasket or engine, we are the people to turn to. As it is well known, a minor problem can quickly become major if it isn’t checked out and resolved, so don’t delay in bringing your car in for a free inspection and see what our auto service is all about!